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User Info Since We're Taking Shots....; entered at 2022-03-12 11:55:28
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Registered: 2022-03-12
Got covid the first part of February and still have the lingering snotfest.
I went to a private emergency room and was found to be dehydrated with covid and fluid in my lungs.
They did xrays and then a CT scan of my lungs. After all was done, they told me I had to go to the hospital which I know is paid a bounty if I am admitted. They told me that I couldn't bet a bed for covid without thier referral. Since I rarely get sick, I believed them.
I am a FFL and my house wasn't secure so I told them I had to leave. They went into a panic because they had ordered an ambulance but it was still a couple of hours out. I couldn't leave the firearms open and out and also wanted to make a bag and load it up with ivermectin.
I had a neighbor take me back and they put me into a room and I waited 5 hours to be picked up for a hospital 30 miles away. After being admitted, they released me due to my Oxygen levels being above 90%. I had to pay $125 for a ride home.
Two days later things got worse and I called the ambulance they took me to a hospital 20 minutes from my house. They treated me and immediately put me in a room. I took my invermectin twice a day while in the hospital (they didn't have a clue) and After 5 days, the lungs were clear and my oxygen was over 96.
I got the bill from Blue cross and the total for the 5 days was $37k of which they paid about $26k. I have a $5k deductible with a 80-20 copay making me liable for about $7k.
On Wednesday, I got a letter from Blue cross that they need to review the bill from this emergency room because for treatment came to $27k. I requested a copy of the bill and think I know what happened.
This emergency room is getting a portion of the government bounty kicked back to them for sending patients. That is why when I walked out they completely panicked. When I came back, they treated me like a leaper and after an hour told me that it would take 5 hours for the ambulance. They obviously spent the hour looking for another hospital that would pay their kick back. I am sure that 5 hours is included in their bill.
Why does the govt pay this kind of money for admission into a hospital? They pay for the covid diagnosis. They pay them even more to kill you on a respirator. They put you in a hospital and if you have insurance have to pay.
I plan on getting the bill and going over it with Blue cross with my comments. Since I am on the line for 20% of it, I want to beat it down as much as possible

The whole covid scam destroyed millions of lives and those with Obamacare crap insurance a probably the ones living on the streets.

This whole criminal activity violates every right we have under the Constitution and yet half the country fell for the lies and took the poison shot.
2022-03-12 11:55:28