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@Tickerguy But wait... there's more!

(and if I'm teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, I apologize in advance)

Have you read this series of posts from John Paul at World Edge? Starting with
(Earlier posts are also interesting.)

The posts are all very heavy on science and post/quote heavily from scientific papers. I have no medical or scientific tertiary education beyond self taught biology, etc. so much of the nitty gritty science goes over my head. But I am interested and I do read. And the author's analysis of scientific papers will give you the gist of it all. Alternatively, you could ask one of your friends with medical / scientific training to translate it for you.

If you haven't read them - WARNING !! It's a bit of a mind**** !

And if the analysis is right (especially part III), the insurance companies (medical and life) are going to find business a little 'difficult'.

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