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User Info Well-Deserved Consequences; entered at 2022-02-20 07:50:22
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Currently in 'The Court of Public Opinion', some of our favorite #BigPharma accusers discuss how they'd like to bring up charges, if only they can make it to a real court with teeth some day.

Listening to the hearings in the background as I went about my day I found this gem at the 4:25:45 mark of this 6 hour video. Hat tip @Whitehat for opening my mind to the importance of understanding this aspect of the aggressor.

"Why is this happening; How is this possible that so many people can be made to agree to these kinds of medical interventions?"

Meredith Miller (relationships with psychopaths, narcissists and other manipulative characters) recognizes the 'red flags' of emotional abuse.

2022-02-20 07:50:22