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@Motorelay You can add the remaining employees who now DESPISE their mandating employers and are now doing their best to LOWER productivity and profits of said employer. For the most part, mandating employer will not be able to locate these as many may be "vaxxed" but now know they've been lied to.

@Kari Good point on Vit C. My normal method for decades is:
Feel something coming on? Take 2,000mg Vit C every 3 hours. Many times, the "feeling of getting ill" is gone in 24 hours. During Christmas covid, it was about 3,000mg every 3 hours.

@Andrew approved and probably unobtanium in the USA. Some Beaches are trying REAL hard to get these experimental injections added to the "required for children" list. May they fail and/or live to regret it very much along with their families and heirs. Told my grown children more than once that I am so glad this circus of death was not produced during their childhoods.

@Ambiguousfrog either the jury is still our or "something they don't want out".
Some studies say yes, blood type plays a part. As noted in TF, the folks at links below have lost credibility and may be lying to us.
2022-01-31 16:14:19