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User Info Since We're Taking Shots....; entered at 2022-01-31 15:14:14
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You wrote what I came to write. This is a simple, straightforward explanation of why a rational non-jabbee might be that way. Covidians won't bother with it, but anyone wondering why they got Omicron after being vaxxed and boosted (a lot of acquaintances) will be open to its arguments.

Thanks for this, KD. I think your Covid posts will now fade, except to reveal new horrors we discover if after-effects from the jabbs. I'm glad you helped save me and some people close to me; I remember a year ago how excited I was that we had vaccines and how unlucky I was (ha!) that I was not in a high-priority group.

COVID is over; the Viherhrmacht has suffered its Stalingrad. There might be a couple of years of fighting left, but the outcome is not in doubt. The "Good Germans" who launched this assault on the rest of us better beg for better treatment than the Soviets meted out to German civilians:" kill me, rape me, but leave my family unmolested." They deserve it,
2022-01-31 15:14:14