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@Chemman I was reading some peoples' experiences months ago about using high-doses of vitamin C for various ailments, and found it all very interesting. Then found a discussion forum where it was mentioned and the Science types were trying to debunk the practice and even call it dangerous. One study they cited over and over, and when I went and actually read the paper, the study considered high-dose vitamin C to be something like 500 mg per day (don't recall the exact amount, but it was roughly twice the RDA of C). And of course saw no results/effect, for whatever they were looking at specifically. The amounts being taken by all these other people where they were having big results, though just anecdotally, were anywhere from 10 - 30 grams per day. Stuff like that irritates me to no end, but they know that most people aren't going to even attempt to read the actual study, plus it generates articles and such where they can say 'high dose vitamin C ineffective for X disorder,' and call it a day.
2022-01-31 13:23:59