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"Further, and perhaps most-seriously, we knew very early on that viremia, that is, virus in the bloodstream, including the spike, only occurred with severe and fatal cases of Covid-19. We also knew starting in September of 2020 and documented by December that the spike alone, absent the rest of the virus, was pathogenic in the human body, specifically in the endothelium. It is thus a reasonable belief that when someone ends up in the hospital or dead from Covid-19 this is likely the root cause at least some of the time -- and maybe all of the time.

It is impossible to inject something without some of it ending up in the circulation -- that is, in and around the endothelium. That begs the obvious question as to which is more-dangerous: A definite exposure of your endothelium to the spike from an injection or a possible one from infection if, and only if, you get severely hammered? Nobody knows and nobody has done the work to find out. Despite the signal in December of 2020 we went ahead anyway without first disproving that the balance of harms went the wrong way especially in healthy, low-risk individuals"

This right here was ultimately the deciding factor for me not getting vaccinated. I had rocky mt spotted fever in summer 2021 in which, I learned, the bacteria infect the endothlial cells of the blood vessels. My treatment was delayed because healthcare is a joke and it was the sickest I've ever been. So while I was not, up to that point, certain I'd NEVER get the vaccine (just wanted to wait a bit), I had to make a decision considering any existing or long-term damage I may have gotten. I did attempt to discuss this with a doctor, who it turned out had no idea what the disease process was with RMSF, and she just repeated like an automaton the propaganda phrase 'safe and effective, safe and effective' over and over. At that point I'd avoided covid, for over a year and half. I continued to avoid it until a couple weeks ago, and knocked it out fairly quickly with ivermectin, which had been my plan and hope.
2022-01-31 12:11:15