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User Info I...TOLD.... YOU.... SO!; entered at 2022-01-11 17:51:47
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With each new revelation, the latest worse than the one before, I keep thinking, "this has to be the breach of the damn." And yet nothing.

Maybe it is "slowly then all at once."

I am half expecting the table (and the game) to be thrown over and a breaking news announcement that we are now at war with ... Russia or China or both.

They need something to divert attention.

And what will happen with all the people who took one shot, two shots, boosters and so forth? What will happen with the kids? I guess we wait and see.

Only time will tell how bad this will be.

We are seeing top rated professional athletes collapsing on the field. What will become of the US military? Are they headed for the same fate?

We are headed for a very rough time.
2022-01-11 17:51:47