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User Info I...TOLD.... YOU.... SO!; entered at 2022-01-11 14:29:47
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So the DoD told him "no", and Fauci went ahead and did it through his other connections. Then we have a lab leak and they start spinning like crazy to deflect attention from themselves while they seek to capitalize on the vaccines intended to treat people.

That they sought to suppress the early treatment options (HCQ, Ivermectin, etc.) in order to push people into the vaccine option does NOT mean the release was intentional (although it might be). What it does indicate loud and clear is that guys like Fauci have no sense of shame or contrition whatsoever. This means they are narcissistic sociopaths. If they had any sense of shame over their fuck up (the virus getting out the the lab) they would have felt a collective sense of relief that there were cheap remedies ready to good that could quickly clean up their mess. That they obviously dod not feel this way either they are sociopath narcissists driven by greed or there is a darker agenda behind the vaccine campaign. There are no other possibilities.
2022-01-11 14:29:47