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User Info Reality vis-a-vis Energy And The Economy; entered at 2022-01-03 12:27:57
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I've been watching the slow-motion train wreck, formerly known as "education" for decades. It is utterly shocking how far and how fast it has declined. Testing eliminated or diluted. I suppose high schools no longer teach physics or chem like they did then I was young. Most college degrees now conferred with zero analytical coursework. And we wonder why the millennial "thinks" like a millennial. I can only imagine how the zoomers will turn out.

In order for fairy tales to be believed, the masses have to become ignorant, if not downright stupid. The latter increasingly so and obvious.

We have watched math (the primary language of physics) become fairly extinct in the classroom, and now being attacked as racist? Of course this is insanity. Math represents actual reality and why science uses it.

EVs have always been a toy for the well-heeled to virtue signal at taxpayer expense. Part of the globull warming...excuse me.... "climate change" scam.

Wonder what will happen to the roads (made of what again?) when these multi-ton EVs start to really impact them with their heavy batteries?

Wonder what will happen when the electric grid gets overloaded because everyone has one charging in their garage?

What will happen to the batteries when millions of them crowd landfills?

I've had some discussions with those that are pro-EV. I no longer do. The EV crowd are no different than the Covid Karens in their absence of logic and utter intolerance of anyone disagreeing with their delusions. Despite the endless broken promises of cheap EVs, auto driving, etc. Reality doesn't exist to them.

The masses are on an express train to economic suicide. And we are all onboard.
2022-01-03 12:27:57