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User Info 2021: The Year In Review, And A Wee Light In The Tunnel; entered at 2021-12-31 15:37:50
Posts: 884
Registered: 2020-04-08 Maryland
For several years I have been telling my wife that due to tax issues we needed to plan on moving out of the PRM - Peoples Republic of Maryland. My wife has always expressed reluctance due to nearby friends and family. But Covid insanity has changed her mind. Our timeline is to be uprooted and out of here within 3 years, and to be spending significantly less time in this Commie state by fall 2022.

The question is to where? For reasons, it will be to the west and south (how much so in either direction is undetermined). We like a 4-season climate with a mild winter and we don't like traffic. The nice thing about Maryland is beyond the I-95 corridor, Baltimore and the DC beltway there is a lot of semirural development. So you can live on a nice, good sized lot in a town that is not overbuilt.

The Midwest & Plain states provide this lifestyle in ample quantity but the longer winters are a negative and the politics are iffy until you get to Nebraska, and then the winters / blizzards become very real. Missouri then? But they get tornadoes, LOL.

There has been good discussion on this forum of the economic, cultural & political tradeoffs of different locations. TG, is it worth your effort to host more of this conversation? There are a number of websites that claim to do this but either they are clickbait or their analysis is superficial.

Thanks TG for your fantastic contribution to knowledge and sanity. Your perspective is valuable and greatly appreciated.

2021-12-31 15:37:50