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User Info 2021: The Year In Review, And A Wee Light In The Tunnel; entered at 2021-12-27 18:27:32
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Registered: 2021-08-24

I enjoy a bit of crystal balling so to speak. My comments for the board:

I agree the inflation won't calm. I mean, that's obvious. The clowns in DC won't stop spending, they have a track record that goes back decades at this point. Closely connected to that, I disagree that the Fed will do actual liquidty drains. They are committed to funding USG, end of story. If they can drain while keeping USG funded, well fine they'll do that, but the QE thing is such a large number I don't think they can. The easy way out here IMO is to blame *****. We did this at my previous job as a repair tech; anytime customer is unhappy just blame ***** and they shut up. Parts late, not enough techs, whatever the delay to them, weeks, a month, just blame ***** or supply chains because *****. And they just shut up and accept it according to my old supervisor. So... No drains. You can't afford bread because *****, not because USG and the Fed Reserve are irresponsible and stealing via printing. No hyperinflation??? Hmm, ok I guess. How do we define that again???

If you buy inflation continuing and worsening, then the rest are a logical extension from there... Yeah stocks will puke. Yeah supply chains continue to get screwed since no one can predict costs. So yeah biz gets hit hard. Blue hives, yeah I'm rolling my eyes here. I'm just happy I didn't need a shotgun or any of those fire extinguishers I picked up. Yet.

Geopolitical trouble: Yes, this is a given. All the Western powers are intent on destroying their domestic energy production, here and in Europe, and printing money, and buying energy overseas. Witness Biden killing off the Keystone pipeline and then promptly beg to OPEC and Russia for more oil. What a dope. Combine that with the fact there has been little investment of substance in American war fighting equipment. MRAPs are armored cars, you can't fight tanks in armored cars. Those are for occupation duty. The Army is still driving around in M113s from the 50s, Bradley IFVs from the 70s, and M1 Abrams tanks from the 90s... The Air Force is still operating B-52s from the 60s with no retirement plans, and they are buying more F-15s rather than F-35s now, which shows how much confidence they have in those things IMO, which are the only area where appreciable investment has been made. The rest of the defense budget has frankly been stolen IMO in various places, on sinecures for various toadies, and on bases in who knows where trying to manage the local warlord pissing matchs. The Strava leak was hysterical in showing off that last one, even Congress critters weren't aware on a bunch of these bases. Oh yeah, and who will show up for a clot shot for a chance to die for Brandon and his crackhead *****mongering son. When the trouble hits and they need real men, I'm going to suggest they send Hunter Biden, the smartest man Joe knows, along with a team of elite Russian hookers and as much rock cocaine as they can get, and see if they can't **** the problem to death.

Ghislaine Maxwell: I disagree, this is the end of the story. She and Epstein belong to intelligence, and that means they will be told to clean up after themselves. And they will, she will go out like Epstein did in rather open and notorious fashion, nearly as obvious as polonium in her tea. That will be all the justice there will to be had in the world on this score unfortunately, everyone will just have to be satisfied knowing she and Epstein can't do any of this stuff anymore, and it should be a warning to anyone about trying to get into this game themselves. Those two have outlived their usefulness, however that gets determined, and now they are being put away IMO.

I really would like to see Biden out. Not because Kamala is better, but because she is different. A different Shakespearean dumb show, as I tire of the current one. I can't wait to see what she screws up on live television. Maybe she could proposition Putin or Xi on live TV, that's about where her best talent lies--and I'm sure whoever put her name in for the job originally knew that.
2021-12-27 18:27:32