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User Info 2021: The Year In Review, And A Wee Light In The Tunnel; entered at 2021-12-27 14:39:25
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My two bits:

An inflationary anecdote: Shipping anything more than a small package is getting expensive. Friend had me help him prep some ~20lb boxes of items for his daughter several states away. I've sold mostly smaller items on eBay for years, yet I was blown away by what it was going to cost to ship those boxes via USPS. Looked at UPS and FedEx as well. Similar. Then found a blurb on USPS saying that they were setting higher rates for the holiday season. So friend decided to hold off shipping til January. But I think rates will not improve.

Trump? Unlike our proprietor, I'm not given to swearing, but fuck him. Go away and good riddance. He left the 1/6 protestors behind, he won't call out the FBI undercover operations there, and he continues to double down on the vaccines. Anyone who still needs convincing needs to watch that dumpster fire interview with Candace Owens. Anyone who continues to back him needs to get their eyes examined for artifacts. At this point, he is nothing but controlled opposition meant to block anyone promising coming up through the ranks. Just. Go. Away.

Real estate is a tad different this time around from the 2000's. Back then it was subprime and NINJA loans. This time, there has been a lot more cash buying and the amounts involved have shocked me from time to time. Has the look and feel of people taking money out of the financial and banking system into an alternate and UNencumbered asset. Blackrock and buyers like them can well afford to absorb the volatility. Can the RE market drop some, yes it can; will it drop a ton like in 2009? In blue regions beset with blue nonsense, that's a very good possibility. But for red states, I'm not as convinced of that as I was just a few years ago. The migrations to the red states aren't stopping anytime soon. RE might pause, but expect it to run a few more years like this at least in the red states.

Last but not least, Democrats are up a certain river without a paddle when it comes to Kamala and the old man. I can't think of a scenario where either or both leaving office prematurely works out for them. 25th Amendment? That'll be the day.

Regarding TG's geopolitical predictions: I suggest Ukraine as one to watch for a false flag operation. A la Syria in 2013. There still exists a too large contingent in the MIC who are frothing at the mouth for a war there. The only reason it hasn't broken out yet is because it's winter and they know how unpopular it would get in a hurry. Like the national reaction to the Syria event that year. In a few months, it won't be winter. Be very nervous then.
2021-12-27 14:39:25