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User Info 2021: The Year In Review, And A Wee Light In The Tunnel; entered at 2021-12-27 11:13:11
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Registered: 2021-01-28
Katniss99 wrote..
Now thanks to my Vazi employer, I'm going to sell, walk away with 6 figures in equity, and not buy another house until after the crash.

Whomever downvoted you is not thinking long-term. We could collapse this shit overnight if enough people started throwing their shoes into the gears of an inefficient, corrupt, kleptocratic system, we could collapse it and at least have a chance of starting from a clean slate.

There're no guarantees as to the outcome, but at least we'd get a rope thrown around the tree before we cut it down, hence guiding it in the direction we want.
2021-12-27 11:13:11