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User Info 2021: The Year In Review, And A Wee Light In The Tunnel; entered at 2021-12-27 10:56:37
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I think, and have proven beyond any doubt from my own experiences, one of the brighter happenings in all the covid/reduce population/extend tight control over the people, is that, we have learned how to be our own 'doctors.' Karl has been the poster child on this. He and his advice has been brillant!. No, I'm not sucking up. I don't do that. Its been years since I trusted most docs and all the medical system. Some years ago I cut my knee open using a chain saw and my then wife insisted we go to the emergency room. They did their best to rape me on the bill. I managed to argue with them and got it reduced to $500 from over $2000. This for some 12 or 14 stiches and a local pain killer. After that, I realized I could have taken out my med kit, which includes med stiching sutures and the needles and stiched the damn thing up myself.
I am not vaxxed and will not even if it means a gun battle. I am not anti-vaxx. A few years ago, before covid, I came close to death with a nail wound to one hand. It swoll up to over twice its size and, on a sunday, I got to the nearest doc in box some 15 min. before they closed and specified a tetanus shot. They wanted to make me see the doc, and I refused, I knew what I needed, and it cost me 50. Best 50 I ever spent. I will never forget the booster every 10 years or whatever it is now. So, some vaxx is definitely on the menu.
I've learned how to make my own quinine and how to use it. That said, I finally found out to obtain 'other' stuff and are well supplied. And, the 'other' stuff is more effective than the quinine.
Through all this I've learned more about paying attention to what my body is telling me and getting good advice from places like Karl's blog, and, interestingly, to read ALL the comments. Karl and others wisdom does not all come within the base posting.
So, now if we can get rid of most of the politicians and burp-crats, and crooked judical system, etc, maybe we can really make this country great again. I, reluctantly, came agree with Karl about Trump. He had such greatness he could have achived but failed the test. Don't know who I will vote for, if voting makes any difference anymore, but it won't be him. DeSantis? Who the hell knows.
Sorry for the long comnent. Call it my pre new years rant. Now, what I wait on is the Cotton Bowl [l live in AL, by the way] and the Orange bowl. I want to Alabama take on Georgia in the natioal game. My intent is to watch the Cotton here in Alabama with the homies at my second fav. bar, then dash over to Rome, Ga to watch the Orange with that other set of homies. Gonna be fun, I hope.
2021-12-27 10:56:37