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User Info Uh, That's Not A Conspiracy Theory; entered at 2021-11-02 16:53:57
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Registered: 2017-04-03 St. Matthews, SC
Disclaimer: I have zero medical or bio warfare training.

How about this scenario made possible only with the active assistance of governments.

(1) some entity developed the ***** virus as a bio-weapon..Thanks Fauci, NIH, Wuhan lab, etc.
(2) made more deadly viruses as kill shots. Wuhan lab, etc.
(3) made a vax to make sure that a subsequent exposure to the more virulent virus would induce an antibody response that would kill a vaxxed person.Pfizer, etc.

The perpetrator would want to test vax formulations to see which one produced maximum deaths when vaxxed people were exposed to that subsequent deadly virus.

How would he go about that test? To get maximum coverage of various people, he would have to
(1) spread each of the different formulations all over the place and jab millions of people. Done
(2) have a record of who received which vax variant. Donefor adults.
Kids are next. That is just getting started. Rinse and repeat.

How would he evaluate the test outcome? He would have to have access to the data that showed test results.
This part is under way but not complete. So far, breakthrough infections are coming along nicely in the vaxxed, but the winter sickness season has not yet come.

Assuming there is an adequate negative response in people for one of the vax variants, the next step is to use boosters to get that vax variant into enough people to make release of the virulent virus worthwhile from a warfare standpoint.

I hope Im wrong, but it looks like we are right in the middle of this, AND THE ONLY WAY OUT IS TO STOP IT NOW.
2021-11-02 16:53:57