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User Info Uh, That's Not A Conspiracy Theory; entered at 2021-11-02 14:49:44
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Guerin wrote..
just that my expectation was that a given lot would be spread over a relatively small geographic area
This is one question that Horowitz put to Dr. Ruby. He said that he has gotten reports from the field in his audience that some counties have reported very little or even no AEs while other counties had huge numbers. In fact, some listeners have said they personally know multiple people who have either gotten severe AEs or have died.

Meanwhile, and I know this is anecdotal, I know hundreds of people in my circle of friends, colleagues, gym work-out buddies, and family, none of whom have had a hint of an AE except my elderly mother who got her jabs at the very outset of the vaxxing campaign so she is an outlier.

So I tend to think that hot lots can end up in one community while the ones with say, low or no active ingredients go into another community. Could it be that the pharma companies are running their own control group?

I suspect that politicians and heads of executive departments get the saline shots and are added to the control group database.

/tinfoil hat

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2021-11-02 14:49:44