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User Info Uh, That's Not A Conspiracy Theory; entered at 2021-11-02 11:49:07
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Such wonderful work! So annoying that the VAERS interface isn't set up to allow for you to do this kind of work within their website. The only way to really look at their data is to download and analyse it yourself. I've done that for a few friends that have rare medical conditions - and yes, THOSE conditions appears for ***** some up to 30x the rate of other *******s - IE: they appear 1 or 2 times in other *******s (if they appear at all) but listed 30-60 times for *****.

I love working with data sets, but my crappy computer couldn't handle the vast information downloaded from VAERS to answer any of my generalized questions easily. (I miss having my own website with access to make SQL databases.)

@Tickerguy, Karl, you should definitely contact Jessica Rose, PhD and Steve Kirsch; . Rose has been doing COPIOUS amounts of work with VAERS data and Kirsch has been taking that kind of information and basically waging an information war:

Here are some additional questions I have (some will be more complex to run than others):
1) Did you just do the US reports, or did you take the VAERS global reports too?

2) Did you happen to sort the Lots by State (and/or country if global) distribution? (IE: were there more deaths in specific states than others?)

3) did you happen to look at the Lots by co-morbidities? (IE: did more people with diabetes, CHF, etc die or was that info left blank)

4) I don't know how hard it would be to pull info from say Yellow Card (UK reporting system) or other global entities to see if they have the same problems. I would be interested to know if AstraZeneca, the Russian one, etc have similar results with their different Lot numbers.

5) Random observation: I find the dates of "spike deaths" reported to be VERY interesting: They can easily be connected to 2nd dose/booster doses. But have you run any reports by lot number and boosting (IE: Did anyone somehow receive TWO bad lot shots?)

For those asking: MANY people have been trying to get the URF - underreporting factor. So far, those attempts have been unsuccessful.
2021-11-02 11:49:07