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User Info Uh, That's Not A Conspiracy Theory; entered at 2021-11-02 09:58:50
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TG - that might explain why my father's small town of around 5,000 got hit extremely hard. Out of his "core group" of around 20 friends, 6 died (my father, 4 of his close friends, and the wife of one of the guys) within 6 weeks of all getting the Moderna shot at approximately the same time - all same symptoms, brain clots/stroke and red blood cell anemia. The medical center that treated my father did not list the death as vaccine-induced because it took place more than 28 days after his second dose (in his case almost 6 weeks after), but one of the nurses told me that they were getting a lot of patients in with massive brain clots that were clearly "not normal" and that that I should still report it to VEARS. I have no idea if any of the surviving family members from the others reported the deaths to VAERS (delivered in a hushed voice so as not to alert "the authorities"). I did speak to one of the daughters of the wife who passed away, and she refused to report it to VAERS because she believes the vaccines are safe and her mother's stroke was 5 weeks after her second shot, so the vax didn't cause it. She was on "team vax" so I didn't even try to reason with her that it might make sense to report it anyway.
2021-11-02 09:58:50