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User Info Uh, That's Not A Conspiracy Theory; entered at 2021-11-02 09:56:00
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Karl once again proves that in life you can divide people into two classes:

You know math. Relatively few.

You don't. The ignorant masses.

My considered opinion....they are hiding it. I don't need 100% proof of anything to make a decision. The "means motive and opportunity" and "cui bono" are principles that guide my thinking and usually work.

I would ask the non-medical types reading many prescription meds are household names that you know? I would guess several. Do you know realize why you know them?

The answer is another many TV or radio ads have you seen/heard over your lifetime for drugs? E.g. how many Viagra commercials? A drug to make a dick harder. You would've thought that every other male can't get it up with the sheer volume of ads ran back in the day.

Do you understand how much ad money is involved here? Do you now understand why the media will NEVER bite the hand that feeds? You don't pay them......pharma does.

As for the medical establishment....this is even worse. Medical types do not know epidemiology or pandemics unless their specific field requires it, and there are few of those. Western physicians do not work in Africa or South America where you have all manner of weird, nasty epidemics, so that skill set is not needed or used here. About the only time you will see a rare infectious disease (e.g. TB, measles) is from an immigrant. I've worked with those sent to jungles to do health care and they needed special training to understand the more exotic diseases.

This is why if you ask anyone in healthcare "when has a non-sterilizing vax been successfully used in the midst of a pandemic" you won't get a cogent answer. They don't know. They don't care. It's not what they do. And also why this covid buffoonery masquerading as "public health" was allowed to happen in the first place. They are supremely IGNORANT and moving the goalposts on a regular basis as you have seen with their "predictions" (lies) failing on a routine basis, and still are. I remind you all that this is called COVID "19" for a reason.

We are now approaching 2022. Let that sink in.

The medical establishment has bought the lies. They have drank the lies. No way in hell will they back out now, nor ever. Full steam ahead as the alternative is the utter destruction of their reputations and perhaps livelihood.

Reading this blog makes you more knowledgable than your physician on this topic. Do not be bullied, coerced or intimidated by those wearing lab coats. They are simply curtains hiding wizards.

2021-11-02 09:56:00