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User Info Uh, That's Not A Conspiracy Theory; entered at 2021-11-02 09:39:21
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I wonder if I turn the television on they will be talking about this for the next few weeks?

Actually I don't have a television but you get my point.

I googled around a few of the batch numbers and found that Moderna lot 041L20A
was pulled by Orange County CA. in Jan 2021 due to "allergic reactions". CDC were said to be investigating. That lot had 31 deaths as shown above.

I dunno, maybe there are folks who really don't want to take this **** but are looking at losing early retirement and pensions and they see that list of lot numbers and maybe they can get away with taking something that isn't in that group of ones that were obviously more dangerous than others.

What a mess. The whole thing needs pausing until we can figure out what the hells going on.

2021-11-02 09:39:21