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User Info Uh, That's Not A Conspiracy Theory; entered at 2021-11-02 09:05:50
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Thank you for your excellent work and diligence. I had hoped when the negative results of these stabs started occurring that at some point there would be a reckoning and correlation to show which lot #'s were causing the most harm or death. I figured this would be obfuscated and not available to the general public.

However, these miserable pieces of **** always telegram or broadcast their true intentions in the open. People just have to be alert enough or cognizant enough to figure out what it all means.

Could this actually mean they were intentionally using the populace to run a large scale drug trial on different dosages or active ingredients without informing anyone?

Does this pierce the liability shield if these malicious actions are proven that some were knowingly given doses that would kill or seriously injure ?

Meanwhile the sheep hurtle onward towards the precipice !

2021-11-02 09:05:50