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User Info Our Screaming Child @POTUS; entered at 2021-09-30 12:13:53
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Overdonkey wrote..
I deal with government contracting officers

We recently received a notice stating that we must monitor employees vaccination status

I sent a reply saying that was an extra responsibility being added to us as a company, and that we would need to re-negotiate to cover the added responsibility being taken on.

Trying to decide on a number to send back now, maybe $1,000,000 per employee ?

If they turn it down, my offer will still stand

Interesting story that your comment (and similar ones above) sparked in my memory. Between the JV and varsity games one night (Frat Junior plays on JV, I took pics for varsity), another dad and I ran to a microbrewery a few minutes from the field. He saw another dad there whose son is on an elite team, one he was not even allowed to watch practice, so he did the same as us - why not have a beer while waiting? I did not realize until later in the conversation that this was the pres/CEO of a major local construction firm with over 10k employees. It was right after the jab mandates were first discussed by the PantsShitter-in-Chief. He was very frank about it; he was vaxed because it was about the only way he could enter half (or more) of the huge clients he dealt with on a daily basis. Risk-Reward for him was "Can I even do my job?", and I respected that. I shared with him how these discussions tore my wife up, and that she was actually working that night, and do you really want your ER nurse having to worry about that if you have an emergency?

It was a very interesting conversation, but not hostile at all. My most direct comment - and said without animosity, but very blunt - was "Do you routinely go around making personal health decisions for your thousands of employees?" He obviously said "No," and seemed a little surprised that I would be that direct. For him it was a decision made without coercion, but deliberately made so he could continue doing his job to the best of his ability. I respected that, and told him so - he looked at the risk-reward, decided based on that, and he suffered no immediate ill-effects.

The most interesting part to me - and why I used your quote above - is that he was very clear he was going to renegotiate ALL of his contracts, and add substantially to anyone who demanded that all the employees working on their projects be vaxed. He as clear: "YOU changed the terms of the contract after it had been signed, so YOU'RE going to pay for it." He broke it down to the most practical terms - they use hundreds of subcontractors, and many of them are going to refuse to hire and use only vaxed people. Therefore, he is going to have to find subs that DO have only vaxed, or who only used vaxed on the jobs they're hired for that require it. I'm trying to think of the terms, but he estimated those (freaking HUGE) contracts might go up as much as 30% to cover all of the expenses, headaches and plain LABOR to do what they demand. Not just that ... anybody hear how the labor market is, right now? Yeah, he sure as hell knows with over 10k employees. I had only just met the man, but had an immediate respect for him; not just because of his position, but because he broke it down plainly and not politically - it was all about the bottom line and how it was going to be affected by these stupid mandates. I'd gladly have another beer with him to discuss any number of topics.
2021-09-30 12:13:53