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User Info Our Screaming Child @POTUS; entered at 2021-09-30 11:38:19
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Half or more of all software projects end in failure. Ending them now for an inability to staff will save lots of money.

Amen to that.

Worked for a small company that had the chance to pursue big gov work. Big freaking streams of money. It didn't happen mostly because of the insane hassle of complying with gov regs.
Our projects were, maybe 80% successful overall only cause we kept out of that world.
People really have no idea of what a **** show things are in the software world. I do because I'm spent most of my career cleaning stuff up.

The stuff Karl has written about the Ring-type cameras, etc. not only doesn't surprise me, I expect it now.
And as he has noted, even being an open source project (*cough*AndroidOS*cough*) doesn't keep it from becoming an unwieldy, bug-laden pile of steaming poop.

When they lay off a bunch of contractor people, they will then bring in more new people (thus triggering Brooks Law) and the whole thing will probably spiral down into runaway status...

The Big Lurch that's coming will be truly *EPIC*.
2021-09-30 11:38:19