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User Info Our Screaming Child @POTUS; entered at 2021-09-30 11:16:40
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@Whitehat said
Perhaps this vexxine thing, other than being stupidity inertia, is a type of loyalty test

I think this is definitely a possibility, especially given this item in the FAQ, emphasis mine:
Q11: How does this Guidance apply to covered contractor employees who are authorized
under the covered contract to perform work remotely from their residence?
A: An individual working on a covered contract from their residence is a covered contractor
employee, and must comply with the vaccination requirement for covered contractor employees,
even if the employee never works at either a covered contractor workplace or Federal workplace
during the performance of the contract
. A covered contractor employees residence is not a
covered contractor workplace, so while in the residence the individual need not comply with
requirements for covered contractor workplaces, including those related to masking and physical
distancing, even while working on a covered contract.

It's possible that they put this in to prevent the remote designation from being used as a workaround by companies, but I think that possibility is fairly slim because these companies live in constant fear of audits, anyone who has ever dealt with the time keeping requirements on a gov contract knows what I mean.
2021-09-30 11:16:40