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User Info Our Screaming Child @POTUS; entered at 2021-09-30 10:57:17
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@TG -

Another thing that's going to turn this into a Cobra Foxtrot....I've worked for federal contractors all my life on contracts that get re-competed periodically (task order contracts on large IDIQ programs). I bet there is going to be a huge pushback from the contractors - wether they are woke or not. Here's why....

Since they technically don't have to implement the mandate until a new contract or option....the companies know that if a significant portion of their staff will be willing to move from one contract to another (like the competitor). In "Red" areas the companies most resisting implementation can actually use it to lure workers. Some of these now "itinerate" staff in the DoD can be VERY hard to replace if the positions not only require specific technical skills (e.g. building missiles or something), but also require security clearances - with the highest taking years to get.

On the other hand....competing companies CANNOT collude on the implementation to prevent such talent flow because that it "collusion" on federal contracts and they can be hammered or even prevented from bidding on government contracts in the future.

The big DoD companies seem dammed if they do and dammed if they don't....their solution....they will most probably send their army of senior leaders, campaign contributors, and lobbyists to kill this thing ASAP.
2021-09-30 10:57:17