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User Info Our Screaming Child @POTUS; entered at 2021-09-30 08:50:02
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Half or more of all software projects end in failure. Ending them now for an inability to staff will save lots of money.

Unless one has had direct access the amount of contracted programs (including things that are not software) that are partially developed over years if not decades and then suddenly abandoned would astound the casual observer. Complete agency programs at even the most mundane levels of social services hire contractors with complete staffs and budgets to discover that something is not going to work. Non-profits are notorious for getting involved in these schemes.

There is no system to fast-fail or otherwise feasibility test a concept before massive investment is made. A lot of the rules that communities must tolerate are actually overhangs from many of these projects where something made it into the CFRs or agency guidance for a long gone or never validated purpose but now lives like the un-dead.

Many contractors straddle the worlds of civil service and contract work quite profitably.

Perhaps this vexxine thing, other than being stupidity inertia, is a type of loyalty test as the system turns into itself and becomes more of an isolated fraternity of insiders. It might not be conscious, just human nature testing compliance of others for narcissistic control.

i don't give any one of them credit for some master plan conspiracy. The folks here in this forum, yes for the vast majority. Govt inc, nah, just immigrant merchant class graft and corruption. Elites my ass. The smart people are playing everyone from outside.
2021-09-30 08:50:02