White Woman Syndrome?
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2021-09-28 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 12095 references Ignore this thread
White Woman Syndrome?
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Oh please.

This is not, as CNN has asserted (along with many others)https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/23/us/families-missing-black-people/index.html about the color of the person who is missing.

It is about the race of the person who is presumed even before there is evidence that a homicide occurred to have caused it and, to a lesser extent, the sex of the person who is missing.

A white girl in Iowa anyone?

I wrote about that at the time in some detail.  So long as the presumption was that a white male was responsible for Mollie's disappearance it was all over the news.  The second it became evident that it was likely an illegal immigrant who was responsible..... Crickets, and even a request from the family to "stand down and shut up."

In this case the witch hunt and lynch mob was out in force well-before there was evidence of a homicide for one -- and only one -- reason: The highest-probability perpetrator, if there had been a homicide, was a white man.

That was good for a lynch mob around the house even before there was evidence of a homicide.

Of course we now have that evidence in the form of a body and preliminary autopsy and thus the presumption shifts in a reasonable way.  But what happened before then was not reasonable, any more than it was reasonable to suddenly shut up as soon as the young woman in Iowa wound up with the evidence leading to an illegal immigrant as the most-likely perpetrator of her demise.

If you want to talk about racism how about protecting the perpetrators based on race?  We did it in Iowa.  We do it every weekend in Chicago -- HeyJackass anyone?  The vast majority of black people who are murdered are murdered by other black people.  Indeed it's not even a close call, despite roughly 13-14% of America being black.  Even in Chicago blacks are only 30% of the population yet of the homicides committed against blacks they committed nearly 80% of the killings for which an assailant has been identified in 2021.

Has Fox News, CNN or anyone else run breathless headlines for three weeks straight on a single one of those homicides or people who have gone missing in Chicago?  Oh Hell No.  Why not?  You know damn well why not and it has nothing to do with the race of the person who is missing.

It is almost-entirely about the race of the person who is the likely perpetrator, if indeed there was a crime committed, and only as a tiny secondary factor what sex the missing person happens to be.

Be white and male?  You'll get much less attention than if you're white and female.

But it's not because the missing person is white.

It's because the odds are quite high the perpetrator, if there was a homicide, is also white.

Let me know when the media is really ready to stop being a pack of racist and sexist bigots.

Hell is likely to freeze first.

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