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User Info Once Upon A Time...; entered at 2021-09-24 10:27:04
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Registered: 2019-06-19 Alabama
Well that list is interesting......and what probably saved my life in late January 2020 when I'm almost positive I had the original strain (which I now call the Corvinus (or CO-vinus) strain in an ode to Underworld).

As Karl and many other stated here, I got hit with something I never experienced before...sicker than a dog...could hardly walk or breathe...but I get flu and pneumonia shots. Many people in the DC area had it. We called it "the weird flu."

I didn't know what it was so my and the doc hit it with everything, including the meds I was on for allergies...I was on: Zyrtec, Z-Pak, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin, D, double doses of steroidal asthma inhaler, double non-steroidal inhaler, aspirin, and prednisone. I started the additional meds and upped dosage of regular meds quick and it broke quick....after my fever hit 105 and my bed sheets were soaked with sweat 2 nights in a row...I had chills and shakes so bad my muscles hurt in the mornings.

I'm sure that was it but can't confirm. I had it early in the pandemic. I never had the loss of taste or smell others have reported....but people who got sick when I did didn't seem to have that symptom. Maybe different strain?

My first antibody test wasn't performed till 6 or 7 months later - negative. And two months ago I paid the ultra exorbitant price for the T-Detect test to check T-cell immunity - again negative.

Did I really have it or was it something else? I have no idea. I've heard H1N1 was circulating too but I've had H1N1 immunizations.

At this point I am going to assume I did have it and just got tested too late after the disease to measure antibodies or T-cell immunity. But I might be playing with fire.

But I tell you, whatever I had in Jan 2020 was the worst bug I EVER had - it sucked.
2021-09-24 10:27:04