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User Info DELIBERATE Ignorance And Death by 'Health Care'; entered at 2021-09-20 10:32:50
Posts: 27
Registered: 2021-09-12
What is going on in the hospitals now is truly sickening. I cant understand how most people would willingly set foot in a hospital at this point. It seems informed consent no longer exists and all the heroes are just indifferent to human life. Its all about how much money can be made.

I dont know what the outcome of all this will eventually be. I think taking care of yourself and staying away from doctors and hospitals if at all possible is the best thing to do.

It amazes me how people are controlled so easily by fear and blindly trust their doctor. I didnt trust them before all this started and I will never trust them now. Im still relatively young and have a long life ahead of me. Ill never let them take that from me.
2021-09-20 10:32:50