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User Info DELIBERATE Ignorance And Death by 'Health Care'; entered at 2021-09-20 09:38:17
Posts: 2833
Registered: 2010-05-25 Houston, Texas
@tickerguy said:
I've been told to do things that I believed were wildly unethical before at job. I said "NO", knowing full well it could get me fired.

Been there, done that.
Once I walked away from a instead of falsifying backdated NDT Weld Inspection reports for API audits.

Last year, I had a contract terminated because of refusing to falsify FDA audit corrective actions dating back to over a year prior to my arrival. (One of those heroic medical companies...I'll never accept work in that industry again. Never)

If you do unethical things to keep recieving a paycheck, you are unethical.
If they are illegal (as mine were) you are breaking the law.
2021-09-20 09:38:17