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User Info The 'Citizens Rights Act'; entered at 2021-09-14 09:17:08
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wow, this is one good idea.

Do you mean it as an emergency act during this crisis or could it be labeled as something that overrides any future crisis?

We also have to address what state and local authorities can and will be prohibited from doing like that hidden gem that DeSatan passed which is IMHO not highlighted enough to show him for a fraud.

Kind of shocked at Hawaii's position, otherwise full bore liberal during this whole thing. Wonder what interest they served with this position. Me thinks that the lib crowd in govt inc likes that the free market worker class gets pressured but they have an out in practicality. We just had here in NYC two major unions take a public stance with protest, teachers who actually marched and transit, the latter promising to walk off the job. See, they know that they are secure and will always win. This needs to be fixed long term.

Liberals like rules for thee, not for me.
2021-09-14 09:17:08