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User Info The 'Citizens Rights Act'; entered at 2021-09-14 09:09:34
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@Microbesrus - The beauty of this sort of riposte is that it is entirely within the wheelhouse of the States to enact, the Feds can't do a ******ned thing about it and it protects the people who say "**** you!" to said mandate at the same time.

The firm involved CANNOT avoid the liability if they start firing people no matter by what method, which means they now have no choice but to take on the Federal Government and destroy this bull****. If they don't they are ruined either by the OSHA fines or the COTAX payouts, since every "employee" who gives them the finger puts a 75% tax on their replacement (who complies) while the original employee continues to get paid. It also stops the bull**** of differential treatment (e.g. "no paid leave unless you take the jab") as anyone subjected to THAT is deemed constructively dismissed.

To those who say "employers will move" no they won't, since you can't get goods and services into a place without having people on the ground at some level, and all of THEM are subject to it no matter where the employer is domiciled or what sort of employer they are including the Feral Government and military commands. You pay someone within the boundaries of the state for work performed in the state you're subject to it. Period.

This has been challenged before and is legal, thus various state and local jurisdiction employment-related taxes that are rather common.

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2021-09-14 09:09:34