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User Info The 'Citizens Rights Act'; entered at 2021-09-14 09:01:30
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Registered: 2016-09-28 North Dakota
TG - In North Dakota I work in a field where we watch the legislative sessions with great interest as the results of their voting can have great influence on how we do business.

With the covid deal - this past legislative session (they meet like February thru April every other year) *ALL* of the committee sessions (numerous) and then the House and Senate sessions were webcast - if someone needed to testify they could either write a letter (we did numerous times), or join via webcast for 'live' testimony while in your office or wherever in the state.

It gave great insight into how things are done. Yet on the other had, it gave great insight on how things are done.... oy...

Now we had a great lesson on how sausage is made - what pops in the front end, generally is *TOTALLY* different coming out the back end. Even some things as simply as some word clarification in the North Dakota Century Code (laws of the state), turned into complete section additions, rewrites, etc that had *NOTHING* to do with the original intent.

The political theater was absolutely awe inspiring, people would read the original bill, then have arguments that completely different than what the bill said.... It's like comprehension went into the toilet. I could give many examples, yet throughout the session I became so I rate I damaged several computer screens (well, not really, but I wanted to punch people in the throat!).

*IF* your proposed Act would pass as written with minimal changes, great - yet in my experience watching these folks 'operate' - they just have to get in and change words and concepts *JUST* to change them...

truly amazing
2021-09-14 09:01:30