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User Info 20 Years On, The Stupid Remains; entered at 2021-09-11 14:05:10
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Being a (legal) foreigner, or an alien as the US government like to say :-), I faced some "you don't know because you are not American" arguments.

1) I almost got beaten in a conversation around the TSA getting more an more invasive, that the American way alternative was an "implied draft". If faced with a Hijacking situation, you are automatically considered drafted and you have to fight. Doing otherwise would be considered cowardice before the enemy. Flight 93 showed that this was the most effective way.

2) Still remember a discussion (that got a little bit heated) about the upcoming Irak invasion that was going to end in 7 days.....the other side was the son of a rather high officer in the Navy, not the top brass, but someone that went to the Naval Academy in Annapolis...where they are supposed to learn more than just fight and obey.

3) I remember the crazy with the DC sniper and how people in East Tennessee were stuck to the TV (stray bullets are dangerous). My thought was. It only takes 10 trained military snipers shooting moms at church exit randomly across the land to make this country go bananas.

There might have been nefarious intent on the top politicians on 911. Might be. But for the most part, it was a fatal mixture of hubris and fear. And mostly fear.

From a military standpoint, it was one of the most successful operations in the history. Something that costed about 1/4 of a Tomahawk, took 20 own casualties, and made the enemy, an empire and a world example, destroy itself. The enemy not being just America, but the American way of living and being governed.
2021-09-11 14:05:10