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User Info 20 Years On, The Stupid Remains; entered at 2021-09-11 12:19:09
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I still believe 99% of bad things happen due to laziness and incompetence rather than active malice. It is true that Bush 43 cleared that private plane carrying Saudis to leave the U.S. Again being charitable, he may have done this because he feared violence against people of Middle-eastern ancestry and wanted to help his family's oil buddy families to get out of the U.S. This is the only way I read this without believing in any of the "Truther" theories about 9/11 being an inside job.

The biggest problem I have with 9/11 being an inside job is that, despite my libertarian hatred of government in general, I've never considered our officials to be craven and evil enough to sacrifice the lives of thousands of civilians in such a horrible event (which is far worse than the fictional "Towering Inferno" scenario of 1974) for whatever objective they had in mind.

The only plausible objective is found in the writings of the "Project For the New American Century" think-tank of the late 90's. I remember reading an article published by these guys while at a newsstand in Roppongi waiting for the best time to start club hopping that evening. I thought about these guys when 9/11 happened.
2021-09-11 12:19:09