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User Info 20 Years On, The Stupid Remains; entered at 2021-09-11 12:07:20
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Karl wrote..
If it had a large percentage of those people would have been found to have expired visas and thus would have been taken into custody and summarily expelled from the United States. 9/11, in short, would not have happened had the FBI and INS done their job.

The FBI and other federal authorities sat around with their fingers in their asses and as a direct result 9/11 did occur.

The only debate on that point is whether it was due to negligence or intentional misconduct.

Not one person was fired, say much less prosecuted, for the willful and intentional failure to follow that up.

until we fix this problem nothing will change. In any profession or occupation it is human nature for many to avoid consequences. Eventually, people gravitate towards equal or even much better pay for less consequences. Those who cannot do such in the rest of society build their own resentments and find ways to lower their own accountability until it ultimately gets to the level of the family. At this point no one cares about anything anymore to any extent sufficient for them to wish to fight. This is a summation of a communist technique for breaking a society.

Karl wrote..
With the millions of illegal invaders who we let cross into this nation while catching fewer than one in ten who try do you really think if this vast number of people who were willing to kill themselves in order to murder us in size that something like that wouldn't have happened by now and turned a decent chunk of DC, NYC, Atlanta or Chicago into a smoking hole 20 years on?

Because it hasn't happened, has it?

So exactly where, may I ask, are all these murderous terrorists?

and the authorities play a circular logic game. They claim that the reasons that this has not happened and will not are the actions of their various agencies and personnel doing things that we are not allowed to audit or verify. We cannot audit or verify as this would hamper their missions. If they stop we get a severe event. And round and round it goes.

Oh yea, if something happens even due to their screw-ups, they can further justify the necessity of their efforts.
2021-09-11 12:07:20