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User Info 20 Years On, The Stupid Remains; entered at 2021-09-11 08:39:05
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Registered: 2021-08-27 Oklahoma
It seems government is something that maims. The people who operate it? Who knows. Is it intentional? Are they blackmailed or brainwashed?

A never ending line of questions. Thats what the world seems like to me now. How would you ever find the core of truth? Who would you trust with its reported unveiling?

There is a whole faction of people who believe that 9/11 was an inside job.
Others believe covid to be a hoax.
Who has it right?

This level of uncertainty and confusion seems to be the point in many ways. To divide you, not just from others, but also yourself.

I was digging in the ground the other day and noticed a centipede. It was crawling along seemingly oblivious to all the various human concerns. I found myself thinking that humans had been augmented in that way. To be full of uncertainty and confusion. More thinking, less doing.

It sure does seem like 9/11 and now covid have accelerated this confusion and uncertainty. Makes me wonder what we are becoming.
2021-09-11 08:39:05