20 Years On, The Stupid Remains
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2021-09-11 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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20 Years On, The Stupid Remains
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That anyone would play the "20 year Anniversary" card for a murderous terrorist attack is flat-out insanity standing alone.

But then again, we live in an insane nation, and indeed an insane world.

Let us remember on 9/11 what actually happened.  Our own FBI ignored reports from multiple people, including flight schools and simulator owners, that a bunch of apparent devout Muslims (they brought prayer mats with them and used them) were paying for flight and simulator time (both of which are very expensive) in cash.  That's odd enough by itself but the ominous part -- that none of them wanted to learn how to land an aircraft -- should have set off every alarm bell there was and resulted in an immediate investigation.  If it had a large percentage of those people would have been found to have expired visas and thus would have been taken into custody and summarily expelled from the United States.  9/11, in short, would not have happened had the FBI and INS done their job.

The FBI and other federal authorities sat around with their fingers in their asses and as a direct result 9/11 did occur.

The only debate on that point is whether it was due to negligence or intentional misconduct.

Not one person was fired, say much less prosecuted, for the willful and intentional failure to follow that up.

The State of Florida issued driver licenses to a huge percentage of these nutjobs despite them not being citizens or green card holders.  Guess who was the Governor of Florida at the time?  Just the last name will do.  That's not the same family that had a dude in the left seat in Washington DC on 9/11, was it?

There was not one prohibited item brought onto an aircraft on 9/11.  Not one.  Boxcutters were permitted; due to the short length of the blade they were considered tools and not weapons.  I know because I used to travel pre-9/11 to do a lot of tech work and had one in my carry-on toolkit.  Nobody ever batted an eyelash at it, nor at the other tools in said bag.  I never checked that bag because despite being rather expensive to replace everything if the airline lost it, and they have a habit of doing that sort of thing, I couldn't do my job.  So on the plane with me it went, along with a small suitcase that had my clothing and such in it.

Today the TSA forbids you to bring a sealed can full of soda through their "checkpoint."  Yet they routinely miss loaded firearms and even fake bombs when challenged by "routine testing."  Who knows how many real loaded firearms are not caught; of course if not caught, well...... But again, not one prohibited item -- not one gun or bomb -- was brought on a plane back on 9/11/01.

Why did the TSA get set up and why does it persist?  Not to interdict the threat that happened on 9/11, since again there was no security breach at any of the airports.  No, that was a purely political and civil lawsuit rescue action by Congress.  Rather than let the civil courts sort out whether the airlines had adequate security Congress exempted them from that review and sexually assaulted you for the next 20 years -- and it's still going on every time you get felt up in the terminal.

You, for your part, have done nothing to put a stop to it.

One air traffic controller during the 9/11 event made a command decision that could have easily cost him his job -- he initiated a ground-stop that was spread and, ultimately, was held for the next several days.  He likely saved thousands of lives; there is plenty of reason to believe (which I won't go into in detail) there were more planes full of hijackers that were stuck on the ground as a result of both that and bad weather.  The bad weather nobody can control but the ground stop prevented any of those other aircraft from taking off.  One smart man and one smart decision.

One group of passengers detected what was going on and said "Nope, we're not going to let you do it."  They died.  But they were going to die anyway, so rather than passively sit in their seats they spent their lives saving others.  They turned passive, American "follow instructions" into deliberate, violent action and a direct "**** you" to said orders and by doing so spent their lives in valor and chivalry protecting others.  They were heroes, every one of them.

Then, while there was no civilian air traffic allowed, Bush gave clearance for a whole bunch of Saudi citizens to leave this nation via private aircraft.  They did, and were never seen again.  Were they also terrorists and did Bush -- our President -- intentionally let them go?  We don't know and we'll never find out, will we?  But it is a fact that what was called a "stash house" in Sarasota was hastily abandoned and a decent number of Saudis did leave on said private airplanes.

Essentially every element of government, save that one ATC dude, has in fact been a zero.

In the years that followed we got even more stupidity.  The PREP Act was signed by..... Bush.  In the shadow of fear of anthrax and ricin attacks post-9/11 the decision was taken to shield health care providers during a "public health emergency" if and only if they followed whatever the official government line was.  This destroyed both the checks and balances along with incentives to actually use evidence-based medicine when faced with new and unknown threats.  Covid-19, an unknown threat at the beginning which we had to learn how to handle from a near-zero knowledge base, resulted in the medical system slaughtering tens of thousands of people in nursing homes by intentionally forcing infected seniors into said places -- using this law as a shield.  Not one governor has faced a single prosecution for that act, and not one hospital or doctor's office as been prosecuted for deliberately refusing to provide any early care to a single person infected with Covid-19.  Would Covid-19 have evolved differently absent the PREP Act?  Almost-certainly.  To what degree?  We do not know, since we can't do it over.  But this much is certain: If forced to confront the very real probability of negligence and malpractice lawsuits would a doctor refuse to let you use a safe, approved medication if infected?  How about the local hospital?  You do the math on that and how many of the 500,000+ dead Americans would still be alive.

Perhaps you can point to one bit of insanity post-9/11 that has been withdrawn?  I'd love to see your alleged list.  TSA?  Nope.  PREP Act?  Nope.  Patriot Act?  Nope.

Immunity from prosecution and suit always leads to people doing bad, even evil things as they are shielded from the just consequences of their actions, other than the general public deciding to take heads on their own initiative, which, I remind you, is a rather Taliban-style means of dispensing "justice."  So far we've not seen that happen in the US.

So far.

Let's ask another question 20 years on: Where are all the terrorists we were told existed?

Oh sure, there have been a few nutjobs.  A couple out in California, a couple of dudes at military basis and similar.  But where is the organized, dedicated set of terrorists that we were all told not only existed but were going to kill us all if we did not take all these crazy-faced actions post 9/11?  Are you really going to tell me that if such people really existed in size that they could not come up with fertilizer and diesel, plus a truck?  It's not like that is a novel idea, since one man did so on his own a while back.  Or even worse -- steal some enriched nuclear material from somewhere, do the machining and calculating, get some pipe and make a crude nuclear device, put it on a plane or boat and, well..... yeah.  Oh sure, it wouldn't be a very efficient bomb and the people who made it would probably die in the process of making it, say much less setting it off, but it would go boom.  With the millions of illegal invaders who we let cross into this nation while catching fewer than one in ten who try do you really think if this vast number of people who were willing to kill themselves in order to murder us in size that something like that wouldn't have happened by now and turned a decent chunk of DC, NYC, Atlanta or Chicago into a smoking hole 20 years on?

Because it hasn't happened, has it?

So exactly where, may I ask, are all these murderous terrorists?

Maybe the lesson of 9/11 isn't really about terrorism per-se -- that is, foreign or domestic actors unconnected with the government or other civil process who, in concert, wish to instill abject fear in the public for political ends.

Maybe the lesson is that a large part of the time governments are either the terrorists or their direct enablers and promoters, either funding them, looking the other way or excusing them after the fact.  And further, by doing so, they deliberately harm or even kill civilians -- including their own civilians.

Nothing like that has happened over the last 18 months, has it?

And maybe -- just maybe -- that includes our government.

It's not like Biden didn't issue exactly that sort of threat a couple of days ago, right?

Something to think about.

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