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So what was the goal?

The goal is to act like it's successful, to have it blasted far and wide over the dual medias (msm and social) that it's "working." As long as they act like it's working and ignore all the places it doesn't, the media will hold the bag for them and pretend too.

Pretending is all they need. They can point and call it a success anywhere it "works" and then you'll never hear about the places it doesn't. Some big union won't accept it? Well, then you won't hear about it.

That's all it takes for propaganda like this to succeed. That's why the vaccines are still being pushed to begin with. It's certainly not effectiveness, it's the propaganda.

Welcome to our new world. Propaganda is successful and the proof is all over the place. Expect it to be used more and more until we, as a people, make it stop.

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2021-09-10 08:03:29