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User Info Never In My Life....; entered at 2021-09-10 07:47:29
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My daughter and I both got the Coof (as did my g/f) and we know who we got it from too. Presumably, given when we got it (first week of August), Delta.

We all lived and none of us went to the hospital. Of the three of us I got it the worst but I'm still here and still do my running miles. AFTER it I signed up for the Tetons Half Marathon -- yep. And as I've pointed out while I DID get it bad what I got in early January 2020 was objectively WORSE in terms of how badly it laid me out, and that was some variety of flu (likely H1N1.)

These people are idiots. Biden admitted ON TELEVISION that the vaccines don't work. His CHIEF OF STAFF admitted on social media that what he did is illegal. He's got a ZERO chance of this standing up to any honest review, and if the review is DISHONEST then he just declared WAR on 1/4 of the population. One way or another what he did ends his administration. It is either ejected, politically neutered or the nation burns and he has nothing. The first two are of course preferable but if he and his minions are stupid enough to actually START a shooting war then absolutely everything the blue hives and the left depend on collapses instantly.

It's a bluff and Biden putting on his Hitler hat was flat-out ****ing stupid.
2021-09-10 07:47:29