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2021-09-10 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 5384 references Ignore this thread
Never In My Life....
[Comments enabled]

..... did I think I'd hear a President of the United States all but declare war on 1/4 of the citizens of the nation.

Yet that is what Joe Biden did yesterday.

That was worse than stupid; it was inciting an all-on rebellion.


Within hours approaching half the States had declared vehement opposition.

In the fantasy land wild imaginations of some on the left everyone will fold.  Uh, nope.

First, Biden reportedly exempted The Post Office.  That alone was likely enough to get his attempt ruled against on an injunctive basis.  You obviously aren't serious about public health when one of the agencies that the public has contact with every day is exempt, it is an essential agency and has something like 600,000 employees.

Why did he exempt them?  Because they're a union shop and a large percentage have refused vaccination.  Biden knows this and he knows that if they walk or strike he's instantly ****ed, and they both can and might.  A later update said oh no, they're included.  We'll see.

But then during his presser he let the truth out: "We're going to protect vaccinated workers against unvaccinated workers."


If the vaccines are in fact vaccines and work then..... what protection do those who choose to get them need?  None!  But if they don't work -- if you get vaccinated and are still at risk then why would someone take one?  It's stupid to take a jab that doesn't actually protect you.  More to the point why would those who haven't been vaccinated not tell you to go straight to Hell, and why would any court uphold this sort of order when you admit that a person who accepts the vaccine is not protected -- that is, it does not actually provide protection against disease?

Then there's the other problem: A quarter of all Americans have had Covid-19 and are immune.  They have actual protection.  12x or more better than a jab and they already took the risk because they got infected.  A huge percentage of them were essential workers and took the risk over the first nine or so months of this thing while making sure you had medical care, your grocery store was stocked and your mail got delivered.

In doing this they got infected, some died, nearly all recovered and all of those who recovered are presumptively immune.  They have no reason whatsoever to put up with any of this bull**** and if they all walk their employer is ****ed instantly, no matter who that employer might be.

Incidentally while that percentage was 20% in May it's obviously higher now.  And among health-care workers that level of prior infection is especially high because they worked for mine months with no access to vaccines at all but were repeatedly, usually on a daily basis, exposed to infection -- frequently with inadequate PPE.

Take a hospital, for example.  If 25% of the nurses walk out the place is destroyed.  They are instantly both unable to provide care and out of compliance with regulatory mandates that carry the force of law.  If and when people die as a result they will get sued and be bankrupted.  There's no way to cover that manpower shortage; it's impossible.

Nobody is a slave in this nation folks.  With very few exceptions any employee can quit and any group of employees can strike.  The few exceptions (railroads and airlines) are protected from unilateral changes in working conditions without going through collective bargaining and the penalties for doing so outside of that process are criminal, not just fines.  Further, they're must prosecute crimes, not discretionary.  So no, the airlines cannot mandate anything if the unions, pilots and such say "nuts" either -- nor can the railroads!  The ability to unilaterally change working conditions was given up by them in exchange for strike protection.  Violate that and it's game on.

Declaring war on a quarter of the nation's population is not only stupid it's not enforceable without all of them eating a nation-ending upheaval -- and they know it.  What are you going to do?  Try to kill 80 million people?  Good luck.  Try to forcibly inject them?  When its a quarter of the population how do you do that and not get ambushed, never mind your families and homes while you're out on your jab patrol?  Try to starve people out?  Someone who has nothing to lose -- who you already declared dead when you did that -- suddenly has every single thing they might choose to do to you, and everyone you know and care about, never mind infrastructure and similar, become literally free.  Whether the left likes it or not you can't kill someone twice.  Again, those attempting to enforce this bull**** have to go to work and similar.  You can't be two places at once and they're short about 50 million cops for security purposes -- some 25x or more the cops they have.  Trying to put the mandate on employers is cute but that makes the problem 100x worse.  Not one corporate executive in a thousand, and zero middle managers, HR persons and similar have any effective security while at the same time you just created 80 million potential corporate saboteurs who may decide to act on their way out the door!

Oh, and as for all those federal law enforcement folks?  The union that represents 30,000 of them blasted this announcementWould you trust your security to those folks if you try to use force?

Let's say Biden and his minions succeed.  Whether through forced jabs or mass-murder, does it matter?  Nope.  Why would you work for an evil jackass beyond the bare minimum in the US after that event?  How long does a corporation survive with 20% of the workforce having every reason to **** them up to the maximum possible extent ?  Morale?  Ha!  Once that is destroyed you will never get it back.  Kill all 80 million whether economically or physically and suddenly there's 40 million unoccupied living units and both real estate prices and property tax receipts collapse.  The average operating margin of a corporation is such that whether you fire, murder or******off a quarter of the working population to the point they give you the finger all those firms go bankrupt and now all the commercial real estate plus the stock and bond markets are a smoking crater.  The cities go feral within weeks to months as nobody can be paid (will the cops and firefighters show up for their shift without a paycheck?) and their bond ratings all go to "D" (that's "default"), including said police and fire department.  Take 20% off any city or state budget on a forced basis and the gangs and illegal MI6 drug lords will own every single blue hive within weeks.  You think Portland or Minneapolis is bad now?  Ha!  That, times about five, is all of the blue cities.

So calm down folks.  This is going to get fought, and Biden will lose.  In fact, I suspect his handlers, whoever they are that put this asinine pile of dog squeeze together, intended that it lose.  They know damn well what the consequences are if they actually go to war on this issue whether they win or not.   The S&P 500 trades at 500 (if you're lucky) and your $500,000 house is worth $50,000 -- if it's not a smoking ruin.

Bottom line: He's full of bluster and bull**** and his handlers know it.  He probably doesn't because he's a demented old fool but those behind the scenes sure do.

You couldn't set up what he did more-clearly to fail than to exempt the Post Office.

Never mind Biden's chief of staff who admitted -- via retweet -- this is flagrantly illegal and the administration knows it.  Courts consider the intent behind policies and Klain publicly endorsed using OSHA as a "work around" to enact a flagrantly-illegal mandate.

So what was the goal?

That's simple: Given that map the USSC will be why it loses; diversity of the inbound lawsuits guarantees it.  They'll get the case on an emergency basis and will likely enjoin before anyone is forced to do anything as it's a loser for Biden.  He either loses in the Supreme Court or the Supreme Court destroys the economy, the markets and virtually every corporation in America.  The Supreme Court justices know this.  Biden's handlers know this too and after the CDC loss on the eviction moratorium they also have to fully expect this goes exactly nowhere with the make-up of the court.

But what's the wet dream of the left?

Packing the court.

They're crazy enough to risk a civil war to drum up more left-side support for it too.

Don't fall for it.

Make them shoot first, if that's really what they want.  They don't have the stomach for it and, more to the point, they know what happens if they set it off.

It's a bluff, a stupid bluff at that, and ultimately it ends this Administration either by expulsion or political neutering.

That's my prediction and I slept perfectly well last night.

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