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User Info We're Not Serious About Illegal Immigration; entered at 2021-09-08 12:18:15
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Sorry, I'm still learning this system and lost track of who I'm responding to. Apologies...
Corporations were never meant to exist for life. It's amazing to me that we've lost sight of one of the major reasons for the Revolution: The British East India Company.

Exactly. No use thinking that getting rid of governments would solve all our problems. Corporations are now supranational entities with eternal life. CJ Hopkins calls it GloboCap - the entire global-capitalist system acting as a single entity regardless of nationality. Once the corps got big enough, nations became irrelevant, hence the government covid lockstep we've seen regardless of what country you live in.

If you want to have nightmares for a few nights (I did!), read CJ's novel, Zone 23, to see one logical conclusion of GloboCap dominance could be.
2021-09-08 12:18:15