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User Info We're Not Serious About Illegal Immigration; entered at 2021-09-08 11:15:40
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Registered: 2021-05-01
One of my neighbors has family that are in the United States illegally. She goes on and on about the rights of illegals and how these folks should be treated the same as US citizens. They work hard, they are responsible and contributing members of the community, and they pay their fair share of taxes.

One day I asked if she locks the doors of her home and, if so, why does she do that. Shouldn't anyone be allowed to wander through her home and take whatever strikes their fancy? HaHa. She was indignant! Absolutely not and hell no! Why of course she locks her doors. She would be stupid not to do so.

What then is the difference between an unlocked home - welcome and take whatever you want - and an unlocked national border. (This is Lesson Number 219 on how to******off your neighbors.) She shut her mouth right quick and never raised the issue again. Yeah right. Thought so.
2021-09-08 11:15:40