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Just a random thought as I sit in some meetings. Plan on a certain point - a red line, if you will - where you drop the mic. Channel as much disposable income as you can into those things that can provide you resilience. For instance, I'm likely going to be scratching an itch here soon. I'm eyeballing a 1979 CJ-5 Golden Eagle for a heck of a lot less than you could buy anything but maybe a Ford Focus.

Build some durability into your "home portfolio". Use the winters to prepare a 10'x20' plot and start failing on gardening. Yes, failing. Nature is a harsh mistress and the more failures you get under your belt, the greener your thumb will be.

If you want to, say, install a yard hydrant (I use that example for a reason :)), better source the parts sooner rather than later. It is ridiculous how long it's taking just to get a damn solenoid on my Mahindra. And that is apparently the most popular make right now in America. (Stupid, but it is what it is.)

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