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User Info Did You (Not) Labor Yesterday?; entered at 2021-09-07 10:09:06
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Registered: 2021-01-15 East Central MS.
Agreement to bill at Medicare rate for prompt payment is certainly doable. My wife is just about through reconstruction from breast cancer. We have no insurance , well over $100 k. Cost so far. just tell them I have no insurance whats cash price if I pay within 30 days. ..? they are usually shocked and have to call a supervisor , 60% discount from first price quoted is not uncommon.

I then submit the paid bills to Christian Healthcare Ministries, within 60 to 90 days we are reimbursed. Membership at our level is about $4k/year. Karl is not fond of programs such as this , but it has worked well for us. I wont live long enough to go in the hole on this deal.
They are about to pay for my cataract surgery as well.
2021-09-07 10:09:06