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User Info Did You (Not) Labor Yesterday?; entered at 2021-09-07 08:08:11
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Registered: 2021-06-24 New York
I have a problem with a workplace that is requiring testing, if the testing were simple, it would not bother so much. But it's turned into a overly complex nightmare because of bureaucracy,obviously intended to obtain submission from me.

I've had it. The CDC article you posted a couple of tickers back is what I am taking with me to an employment lawyer. If vaccinated and unvaccinated can pass SARSCOV2 equally, then requiring testing only of the unvaccinated constitutes illegal discrimination against a class of people. They cannot afford to require everyone to be tested every 7 days, with tens of thousands of employees.

I know this means no future contracts from them, though my union there might protect me (probably not; they rolled over for the mandate). I don't care.
2021-09-07 08:08:11