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User Info Did You (Not) Labor Yesterday?; entered at 2021-09-07 08:01:08
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Registered: 2021-08-15
Employers are almost begging for people to come to work, but the people are not responding. Sign on bonuses are common place now, but they don't solve the issue of crap pay and crappier working conditions. Add to that the cost of so called medical insurance that eats away at least 25% of an employees paycheck.

I am 59 years old. I am self employed. A crap medical insurance policy with a six thousand dollar deductible (before the insurance company pays a dime) would cost me about $900.00 a month. So that's roughly an $11,000 a year premium, plus the 6K deductible before they start paying at all. It makes zero sense. Add to that the pharmacy pricing scam where I am forced to pay a higher copay on medicine than the normal retail over the counter price given to the cash customer with no insurance. If you haven't guessed already I don't have medical insurance. Can't afford it. On a pure cost benefit analysis medical insurance is a bad way to spend your money. I used to justify it by saying "What if I get some terrible disease?" But with the current status of the american sick care system I figure I am better off staying away from doctors as a general rule. I take my vitamins and supplements, I eat a keto diet, and don't sweat the rest of it anymore. Living in fear of contracting any disease, to the point of squandering several hundred thousand dollars over the course of a mans working life is no way to live. Saving a portion of what I would spend on insurance premiums will (I believe) serve me better than handing it over to a literal criminal enterprise insurance company.

I can't be the only one coming to this conclusion.
2021-09-07 08:01:08