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User Info Did You (Not) Labor Yesterday?; entered at 2021-09-07 07:19:06
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Employers had a party for quite some time. Cost of health insurance, regulation and inflation kept people from pursuing self-employment. There was a big outcry starting in the early 90s about how we switched towards an employer model.

People thought that Obamacare would finally break this by bringing healthcare to the self-employed person at a much cheaper level. Oops, did not see something else.

Just try starting out without having a large cash reserve for when the subsidized premiums go away.

We never fixed the problems, and the corporations liked it just fine.

Perhaps the people have finally found a way to bend them over the table by varying degrees of individual and family dropping out.

People, especially the men who used to lead families, have been worked and cajoled into commuting for so much of their time and expenditure of their energy that so many other interests such as big ed and other not even half-way competent government services could screw up society virtually unopposed.

A lot of people are starting to break from looking for a community "with good schools" and looking for one that takes the least from them, so that they have the cash and freedom to do things their way.

Warning my friends: expect the vested interests to figure ways to frustrate your efforts at each and every bend in the road to freedom. HINT: at any age, career, position in life or family situation seek to MAXIMIZE your free time and try not to do so on the backs of others. Your work ethic is your weakness, and the enemy uses it against you. And, STOP teaching your children to allow their work ethic to be abused. This is the most difficult.

2021-09-07 07:19:06