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User Info There's An Off Ramp - But It Has A Price; entered at 2021-08-31 11:04:41
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Lindsay Graham said like the disease would have been more serious and he wouldn't have been able to get back to sucking d*cks as quickly if he hadn't been jabbed.

Yeah, that's the typical response and its without evidence. Case studies are like that.

I hit my infection with meds immediately as soon as I was reasonably sure I was actually infected (which, with the confounding yellowjacket attack, was not instantly obvious.) Did it change the outcome? I'm reasonably sure it did, but I can't prove it. It's entirely possible that had I used Chicken Soup the same progression and recovery would have occurred.

It's also possible I'd be dead right now.

I have no way to know which, of course. However, irrespective of whether the meds did anything they didn't hurt me and that, at the core, is the first principle of both logic and medicine: Don't do things that fuck you; this way at worst what you did was worthless.
2021-08-31 11:04:41